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Taylors Black Teas
Black teas are made from the leaves of the tea bush - camellia sinensis – which typically grows in tropical countries at high altitudes. After plucking, the fresh leaves are taken to the tea factory on the tea estate to be dried, crushed and allowed to oxidize. This releases the essential oils and enzymes which turn the leaves dark brown or black and allows the flavour of the tea to develop. Finally the tea is sorted into the different leaf grades according to size.

Taylors Green, White and Oolong Teas
Green teas are unfermented teas. Immediately after plucking, the leaves are steamed in large iron pans over a fire to soften them. Then they are rolled and dried. Oolong means 'black dragon' in Chinese and is traditionally used for a tea that is semi-fermented. After plucking, oolong teas are processed in a similar way to black teas, but the fermentation time is much shorter. They tend to have a larger leaf and produce a pale bright liquor with a delicate flavour. There is still some confusion over exactly what constitutes a white tea, but we believe it to mean a completely unfermented tea where only the unopened bud and sometimes the first new leaf are used. Although China is traditionally the place where white tea was first produced, countries such as Darjeeling and Sri Lanka now also make white tea.

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